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Hundreds of years ago, one man was chosen by the divine nature to be a prophet of quietness and planned to be the inventor of another religious convictions. He was the great Prophet Muhammad (Sallalhi Alayhi Wasallam), the man who conveyed Islam and who was given the sacrosanct data of Quran on a holy 30 […]

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Ramadan festival is trending everywhere these days. We are also so excited to offer our services including Eid Mubarak greeting 2014, Eid mubarak sms in English, Eid mubarak sms in hindi and more. Now, we are offering Eid mubarak messages in Urdu that will be a big surprise for the persons who doesn’t like to […]

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According to Islam, there are 30 days of fasting, in which drinking, smoking, eating are extremely prohibited. The fast starts from the sun rising and ends with sunset. Ramadan is the month of devotion and filtration. It is an extraordinary possibility of each Islamic to improve his Eman, wash down his inside and outside from […]